In a Traffic accident. Do I need an attorney?


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What color was that light?


Often when people are involved in a traffic accident they wonder if they need an attorney, or if that will just cause more problems. We at Decker and Buchanan Law office understand this concern, and certainly some accidents can be properly handled without an attorney.  I am mainly referring to an accident where nobody was hurt. With both injury and non-injury accidents  there are always at least 2 components to get worked out.

  1. Who was at fault?
  2. What are the damages that someone must pay?

Private property ( your car), damaged in an accident without anyone hurt, and with both parties covered by insurance can often be handled without involving an attorney. But things quickly get complicated when someone is hurt. If your hurt in an accident and its not your fault, then retaining an attorney is certainly a good idea. Most personal injury attorneys charge you nothing upfront, taking the  case on contingency fee. This means no recovery is no cost. Attorneys and their staff gather medical records and reports, and do the leg work to fight it out with the other sides insurance carrier(s). There are also forms to be filled out for insurance companies and sometime the state.

For california accidents visit the California DMV website.  Experienced attorneys in the Riverside and San Bernardino areas at the Law Offices of Decker and Buchanan are ready to help take the burden off of you and fight to get you fair and adequate compensation for your losses.

With our knowledgeable staff we can put your case together and give it the right footing to make resolution of your claims go much more smoothly. Traffic accidents can cause you so many headaches, that if your thinking of going it alone, you should ask yourself if that is really the way you want to spend your time. If it is you should next ask if you are comfortable with your understanding of the law and how liability is determined. Then ask if you know or can learn how to properly prepare a claim and what your claim is worth. Finally, will you have an adjuster on the case that will give your case proper concern when there isn’t currently an attorney willing to file suit to force the matter to resolution.