UIM Under Insured Motorist insurance

Sometimes we wish we could go back in time with our clients to the point where they were purchasing their auto insurance – there we would whisper in their ears – BUY the UIM – its relatively cheap and you MAY NEED it if your in an accident.

This is true because so many people buy the very lowest liability policy out there. Frequently we have clients who have sustained major injuries in a crash for which they were not at fault, but soon we find the policy held by the negligent drive is very small, e.g. 15/30/5. Meaning $15,000 per person, total of $30,000, with only $5,000.00 for property,   This kind of coverage hardly covers a fender bender today! Only the UIM insurance purchased from you carrier is going to help you out in this situation.

For the New Year here is a resolution – I will look at protecting myself and family from negligent people who are under insured. Discuss adding a decent UIM coverage to your insurance. It may also come into use for some losses you might not think about.

Drive Safe.