What you say after a traffic accident occurs

1. Be aware that what you say at the time of an accident can have ramifications, and possibly cause you problems – speak little but listen much.
2. If injured do not downplay your injuries.
3. If you can, collect as much information as you can get.
4. Call someone if you can – get more eyes on the situation.
5. Don’t guess what happened or what the “cause” of the accident was.iStock_000000522737_Medium

Depending how bad your accident was, you may or may not be left at the scene to answer questions posed by other drivers or the police. If your upset or confused then don’t answer such questions. Do give the other parties or police your driver’s information, registration, and insurance information – its required.  Don’t admit to issues like who was liable or caused the accident…you may be wrong and usually these are opinions that you do not have enough information to properly address. Yet,  what you say may be “admissions” that can later be used against you.  So be careful what you say.