the Law Offices of Laurel A. Buchanan Inc.

Attorney Jeffrey Decker

Mr. Decker is a retired law enforcement officer/supervisor with thirty years of experience in the field, lending a unique perspective to his law practice. As a sergeant with his agency, Mr. Decker worked in numerous different units and has experience investigating and supervising narcotics, homicide, burglaries, traffic collisions and DUI cases. Mr. Decker has reviewed thousands of criminal and investigative reports over the course of his career. His background in the justice system has allowed him to develop a unique perspective on the practice of law, the courts, and conflict resolution.

Mr. Decker felt passionately that his past involvement in law enforcement would serve him well as an attorney. Upon retiring from law enforcement he obtained a license to practice law. Mr. Decker has worked with experienced attorneys on criminal matters including homicide, DUI, and other felony and misdemeanor cases. Mr. Decker has also worked on non-criminal matters including personal injury, business law litigation and real estate matters.

“During my thirty year career as a police office and agency supervisor in the Inland Empire I have been honored to protect and serve the members of our community. Working as a supervisor of Investigations I developed problem solving skills and a broad understanding of the law and the criminal justice system. For the last several years as an attorney I have continued to utilize these skills in daily practice and have found that they allow me to better assist my clients.
I enjoy meeting new people and have found that your mindset towards any issue can be part of the problem or part of the solution.”

the Law Offices of Laurel A. Buchanan Inc. - Office Building
the Law Offices of Laurel A. Buchanan Inc. - Office Building

Attorney Laurel Buchanan

Laurel BuchananLaurel Buchanan is a partner at the Law Offices of Laurel A. Buchanan Inc. which focuses on Civil matters including Business Law, Real Estate Law, and Personal Injury. The firm also handles Criminal Law and Probate matters in the Inland Empire region.

Ms. Buchanan is a Southern California native who has been active in the legal community for many years. While obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, Ms. Buchanan was chosen to intern for local County Counsel in the Temecula area. After interning for County Counsel in Dependency Court, Ms. Buchanan pursued a Juris Doctorate degree. Ms. Buchanan attended California Southern Law School in the evenings while working as a Law Clerk on civil law matters during the day. After graduating first in her class, she went on to open her own firm.

Ms. Buchanan later partnered up with Attorney Jeffrey Decker to form the law firm of Decker and Buchanan. Together they bring experience and expertise, along with compassion and concern, to their legal practice.

Ms. Buchanan is aware of the challenges that individuals face when having to deal with legal problems. Ms. Buchanan and her staff enjoy spending the necessary time to educate clients.

Attorney Jeff Gerber

Attorney Jeff Gerber graduated from Pepperdine law school in 1979. Mr. Gerber became a member of the California Bar in 1980 and has been practicing law in southern California since that time. Mr. Gerber began his career working in the areas of Workers Compensation and Civil Litigation Defense. A year later Mr. Gerber expanded his practice to include Family Law. Mr. Gerber brings to the table 40 years of experience in handling trials and negotiating settlements.

Mr. Gerber is skilled in helping family law clients understand the law as it applies to their case and explaining their options. Mr. Gerber understands that litigation in family law cases is both emotionally and financially costly. In keeping with the philosophy at Decker & Buchanan, Mr. Gerber fights hard to protect his client’s rights while moving towards an amicable resolution in order to minimize the overall costs of family law matters.