Been arrested for DUI? In California the penalties for Driving Under the Influence “DUI” are quite severe. There is also the DMV issue, as an arrested person’s drivers license is immediately taken, and an “Admin Per Se” process starts to run for suspension. You must arrange for a DMV hearing within 10 days of arrest or you loose your right to contest the suspension.

First time license suspension is usually for 4 months, with the possibility of getting a restricted license after the first month of suspension.

A second ‘DUI” conviction within 10 years of the the first conviction makes for more harsh punishment across the board. Usually additionally jail time and a 1 year suspension of driving privileges.  It is very important to have a skilled DUI lawyer in your corner if you are facing a second conviction in 10 years.

Let the Law Offices of Laurel A. Buchanan Inc. handle your DUI. Attorney Jeff Decker was a police office for many years before becoming an attorney. He has a vast experience in DUI, and a perspective that is unique, and a great asset for handling DUI defense. Call for a free consultation and see what can be done in your case. CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE. We fight hard for our clients. Do not go it alone.

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